Saul Bass

I had to make up a postcard advertising a fictive exhibition at Barbican Art Gallery featuring Saul Bass, a designer famous for the trailers he did for Hitchcock’s movies (Vertigo, Anatomy of a Murder…).


I tried to retrieve his visual vocabulary and the typography so typical of his, and to associate the jagged figures of the Barbican Towers, as well as the London skyline further away.



1 station = 1 drawing

2nd of October.
I start a new series of drawings made in the tube, on my way to work, featuring more exactly my journey from Bank to Tooting Bec.
The rule number 1 is that whenever I can get to sit down I start drawing someone in my carrige.
The rule number 2 us that i must start a new drawing at each station the train stops to.
The rule number 3 is that I must keep 2 free newspapers of each day I’m taking the tube and drawing: a morning paper and an evening one.