The Education of a Graphic Designer, edited by Steven Heller

P113, Michael Worthington
“Consider how writting has evolved through various technological advances (carving in stone, painting on paper, mechanised printing, etc…) It has always been a magical tool: has always had the ability to reconstruct images, meaning, events from an abstracts platform across space and time, between best friends and total strangers. Even though the letterforms themselves- and their means of production and discrimination- have altered widely, the magic of the written word as communication has remained. This alphabetic magic differs from the communicative magic of the image…”

“New media develops in an exponential manner. It builds on the previous at a furious rate. Each interactive experience is not just a lesson for the individual maker, but also a work that is assimilated into a broader understanding of screen-based digital work.
Rather than a loss of authorship, there is a sense of sharing. You have to make this stuff and put it out there- let it have a life of its own, be altered by others (particularly on the net), be toyed with and abused. Like a typeface, it only really comes to life when it is used by someone or, in this case, experienced by someone. There is a liberalism that is essential to this production, leaving both design and text open to alteration and multiple interpretation isintrinsic to new media: the idea of creating a “readable experience” rather than a scripted space.