A paper version of Zoom

Le prêtre Georges Nicoli célèbre la messe du Jeudi saint en live sur Facebook, dans l’église Notre Dame de Lourdes, le 9 avril 2020 à Bastia. Photo Pascal Pochard-Casabianca, AFP, parue dans Libération.

Images as a symbolic presence. A paper version of Zoom. Real life is starting a lot like contemporary art. This vernacular installation, taking place in a church, would have had its place at the exhibition Le Supermarché des Images, that le musée du Jeu de Paume just had to shut in the context of the Great Lockdown. The oddity of everything, the big cities empty streets, the extravagant self-made protective gear, the spontaneous online participative performances on Instagram Live and Zoom, the creative ways we see people coming up with in order to navigate this new reality, make it look like contemporary art has sneaked out of galleries and museums, and taken over the world as an alternative reality.