Mishka Henner

Using Google Street View, Mishka Henner collects images of isolated women in remote locations identified by research reports and online forums of people looking for sex workers.

With this work he raises the question of the rights of the subjects whose images are shared, stored and circulated online in an alienating process.

His use of satellite imaging began when he and his partner, Liz Lock, with whom he lives, were documenting prostitutes in Manchester in 2010. While researching locations on the Internet, the artist discovered that some women appeared in the Street View images, which led him to make Google Earth photographs of them soliciting along rural highways or freeway exits. This turned into his own series, “No Man’s Land.” With an eye in space, Mr. Henner said, he sees things he would never encounter with a camera on the ground.

(Philip Gefter, New York Times) https://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/30/arts/design/mishka-henner-uses-google-earth-as-muse-for-his-aerial-art.html