Deluxe Roudoudou

Roudoudou is the name French kids give to a sort of red hard candy cast in a sea shell.


Deluxe Roudoudou is a silver and coffee lollipop specially commissioned by DesignMarketo for the Coffee & Friends edition of FoodMarketo during the London Design Festival 2010. It combines the idea of a cheap sweet with the English idiom “born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth.”

Like Super Natural, FoodMarketo was in the Brompton Design District, one of several such districts in the festival. A joint effort by Apartamento magazine and Design Marketo, a company that allows young designers to get their products (from greeting cards to tables) to a wider audience, this engagingly ad-hoc basement installation, designed by Max Lamb and Lars Frideen, was half cafe (selling coffee from Coleman Coffee Roasters) and half pop-up shop. The cafe furniture was for sale, as were objects like the irresistible lollipops flavored with coffee and tea that were cast in silver spoons by Amandine Alessandra.

Pilar Viladas, NY TIMES, T Magazine, September 2010, link here