Jan Kath: Erased Classic

today and tomorrow – Page 16 http://www.jan-kath.de/ They are based on classic patterns from Italian wall coverings and Indian saris. The carpets are produced by weavers at manufacturing sites in Kathmandu. But their final look is caused by acid, which makes the patterns fade and disappear. The customer cannot only define the color, materials, size, […]

Literary London

Geoffrey Chaucer (1434 – 1400 ) ,  Upper Thames Street Charles Dickens (1812-02-02 – 1870-06-09 ) , 48 Doughty Street Sigmund Freud (1856-05-06 – 1939-08-23 ) , 20 Maresfield Gdns NW3 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-05-22 – 1930-07-07 ) , 12 Tennison Road, South Norwood, SE25 Virginia Woolf (1882-01-25 – 1941-03-28 ) , 22 Hyde […]

Cultural Consumption and Everyday Life (Cultural Studies in Practice), John Storey

P28 “Myths are the stories societies live by. They provide ways of conceptualising and understanding the world, and therefore they are crucial to a society’s efforts (always in the interests of dominant groups) to construct and maintain a sense of self-identity (in terms of acceptable sameness and unacceptable difference). For Barthes myth attempts to become […]

The Practice of Everyday Life, Michel de Certeau

The Practice of Everyday Life examines the ways in which people individualise mass culture, altering things, from utilitarian objects to street plans to rituals, laws and language, in order to make them their own. Published in French as L’invention du quotidien. The Practice of Everyday Life begins by pointing out that while social science possesses […]