Photographing the invisible: methane gas, by Jonah M. Kessel and Hiroko Tabushi

New York Times photographer Jonah M. Kessel and climate investigative reporter Hiroko Tabushi traveled to America’s largest oil field in Texas in roder to show us the invisible but dramatic extent of methane leaks. Read the full article and see the original infrared videos here. Here is Jonah M. Kessel’s article on how this was […]

Mishka Henner

Using Google Street View, Mishka Henner collects images of isolated women in remote locations identified by research reports and online forums of people looking for sex workers. With this work he raises the question of the rights of the subjects whose images are shared, stored and circulated online in an alienating process. His use of […]

Xavier Antin / Just in Time, or A Short History of Production

A book printed through a printing chain made of four desktop printers using four different colors and technologies dated from 1880 to 1976. A production process that brings together small scale and large scale production, two sides of the same history. MAGENTA (Stencil duplicator, 1880) CYAN (Spirit duplicator, 1923) BLACK (Laser printer, 1969) YELLOW (Inkjet […]

The Education of a Graphic Designer, edited by Steven Heller

P113, Michael Worthington “Consider how writting has evolved through various technological advances (carving in stone, painting on paper, mechanised printing, etc…) It has always been a magical tool: has always had the ability to reconstruct images, meaning, events from an abstracts platform across space and time, between best friends and total strangers. Even though the […]