First TV Image of Mars (Hand Colored)

A real-time data translator machine converted a Mariner 4 digital image data into numbers printed on strips of paper. Too anxious to wait for the official processed image, employees from the Telecommunications Section at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, attached these strips side by side to a display panel and hand colored the numbers like a […]

Le toucher – lecture croisée de Levinas et Merleau-Ponty

Jérôme de Gramont Quand deux mains vont à la rencontre l’une de l’autre, il faut que l’une des deux s’approche la première. Commençons ou plutôt recommençons avec Le visible et l’invisible au moment où a lieu la fameuse expérience du touchant-touché. Merleau-Ponty en donne plusieurs versions, dont celle-ci :  quand ma main droite touche ma main gauche en […]

Art in the Age of Social Distancing

Dans cette conférence illustrée, le commissaire Cliff Lauson examinera la relation complexe entre la culture de l’image réalisée avec caméra et « l’économie de l’expérience ». Récemment, la plupart des pays autour du monde ont fermé leurs frontières et imposé des mesures de confinement en réponse à la pandémie mondiale. Cliff s’intéresse à la condition […]

‘What Do We Need to Talk About?’ post-Covid Zoom play

In his new play “What Do We Need to Talk About? The Apple Family: Conversations on Zoom,” which was live-streamed by the Public and YouTube, playwright-director Richard Nelson has brought together characters from a former piece, but each is now isolated in their upstate homes during this pandemic, connected only through the internet for this joint family call. With […]

A paper version of Zoom

Le prêtre Georges Nicoli célèbre la messe du Jeudi saint en live sur Facebook, dans l’église Notre Dame de Lourdes, le 9 avril 2020 à Bastia. Photo Pascal Pochard-Casabianca, AFP, parue dans Libération. Images as a symbolic presence. A paper version of Zoom. Real life is starting a lot like contemporary art. This vernacular installation, taking […]

Suze May Sho : Project Probe

In 2008 collective Suze May Sho built a small exhibition space in our studio in Arnhem. The space was called Probe (‘test’ in German) and was designed as a test lab for radical exhibition concepts. The space – open to public only online – measures a somewhat six cubic meters. Its dimensions were flexible: walls could be […]

Dina Kelberman: I’m Google

Via I’m Google (direct link) is an ongoing digital art project by Baltimore artist Dina Kelberman that documents digital patterns through non-artistic photography found on Google Image Search. When I first started scrolling through her Tumblr I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking at: frame after frame of airplanes pouring orange fire retardant on fires which slowly […]

Photographing the invisible: methane gas, by Jonah M. Kessel and Hiroko Tabushi

New York Times photographer Jonah M. Kessel and climate investigative reporter Hiroko Tabushi traveled to America’s largest oil field in Texas in roder to show us the invisible but dramatic extent of methane leaks. Read the full article and see the original infrared videos here. Here is Jonah M. Kessel’s article on how this was […]

Dr Julius Neubronner’s Miniature Pigeon Camera

In 1902, German apothecary and inventor Dr. Julius Neubronner read a news report about pigeons and got angry. The news came out of Boston, where an American pharmacist was using carrier pigeons to deliver prescriptions. What so upset Dr. Neubronner was how the report entirely omitted the true pioneer behind the practice: his father, Dr. […]

Barbara Probst: A moment in space

Using a radio-controlled release system, Barbara Probst triggers simultaneous shots of the same event, gesture or action from different distances and angles. This moment multiplied into several views constitutes an exposure, a constellation of perspectives that induces multifaceted, sometimes contradictory readings of the image. Barbara Probst is not interested so much in what is represented […]

Mishka Henner

Using Google Street View, Mishka Henner collects images of isolated women in remote locations identified by research reports and online forums of people looking for sex workers. With this work he raises the question of the rights of the subjects whose images are shared, stored and circulated online in an alienating process. His use of […]

Franklin Till: The world’s favourite colour, for G.F Smith

FranklinTill is a futures research agency working with global brands and organisations to explore and implement design, material and colour innovation. FranklinTill worked closely with master papermaker GF Smith and design agency Made Thought to research, develop and broadcast The World’s Favourite Colour project for Colorplan. Drawing attention to GF Smith’s bespoke colour service, the […]

Joy Buolamwini’s work AI Ain’t I A Woman explores how AI can discriminate against minority ethnic faces

MIT grad student Joy Buolamwini was working with facial analysis software when she noticed a problem: the software didn’t detect her face — because the people who coded the algorithm hadn’t taught it to identify a broad range of skin tones and facial structures. Now she’s on a mission to fight bias in machine learning, […]

Hito Steyerl: Power Plants

Hito Steyerl is a German filmmaker and artist whose work explores the complexities of the digital world, art, capitalism, and the implications of Artificial Intelligence for society. Her recent artworks cover subjects as diverse as video games, surveillance and art production. Steyerl’s series of projects at the Serpentine Galleries is positioned around ideas of ‘power’. Beginning […]

SGaawaay K’uuna

A Canadian film made in language spoken by just 20 people in the world to preserve the endangered dialects of British Columbia’s Haida people.

Jonathan Jones: How to use John Berger’s ‘language of images’ on Trump, polar bears and Kim Kardashian

In the 70s, the late critic revolutionised our appreciation of the visual arts. How do his ideas translate to contemporary culture? A statue of Saddam Hussein being toppled in Firdaus Square, Bagdhad, April 2003 Berger was strongly influenced by Marxist ideas of class struggle. In Ways of Seeing, for instance, he calls such art historians […]

Cooking with Scorsese, Hato

Iron-cooked ham and cheese sandwiches, cailles en sarcophagi, explosive pissing beef balls; low, high, accessible, obscure, comical – food, like art, is served up in various guises, but whatever form it takes, it shares the common traits of being a stimulant as well as a necessity for living. Food and art also share a common […]

The Clock, Christian Marclay

A major work by New York–based artist Christian Marclay, The Clock mines the history of film for moments from everyday life and thrilling only-in-the-movies events that indicate the passage of time. Synchronized with local time, cinematic and actual time run parallel in a 24-hour montage.

Sobriety coins

A sobriety coin is a token given to Alcoholics Anonymous or other 12 step group members representing the amount of time the member has remained sober. When a twelve-step member is presented with his or her first chip, they are often told, “This chip represents AA’s commitment to you – not your commitment to us”. Sobriety coins […]

The typographic form in the Umbrella Movement

  “No to Pre-selected Candidates” banner on a back-lit bus shelter advertising. Unintentionally combining the written banner with the calligraphic artwork of a property development artwork. In a city where the majority of writing is finger scribbled on the screen of a smartphone, Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement has developed into an unexpected platform for handwriting […]

A Geological Epiphany: Magdalena Jetelovà’s Iceland Project (1992) : socks-studio

All images : © Magdalena Jetelovà A GEOLOGICAL EPIPHANY: MAGDALENA JETELOVÀ’S ICELAND PROJECT (1992)   Magdalena Jetelovà is a Czech artist living in Munich, Düsseldorf and Prague. She became famous for her large wooden sculptures of furnitures (tables, chairs and stairs in Durmast wood) and for her 1990′s installations, such as “Domestication of Pyramids“. Starting from the 1990′s […]